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New Art

2014-08-04 01:42:05 by sjsyami

There should be some new content being uploaded soon. As time has gone on, it seems things are getting much more entropy filled; but nonetheless i will try my best.

New Street Fighter

2014-02-22 03:48:00 by sjsyami

The next Street fighter 4 installment is coming out next month, so i decided to post a video showing a great moment online that I experienced; also I have noticed much change for Newgrounds, in which so far, it looks very nice.


2012-06-24 12:44:41 by sjsyami

Oh! hello there here some dig dug


2012-04-15 23:43:31 by sjsyami

feel free to follow the link to see some of the art i hae been doing on deviant art

first audio mix

2012-02-23 00:10:48 by sjsyami

some of my work

new art

2012-01-31 01:27:49 by sjsyami

im going to take a break from drawing but ill try to post in 2 weeks thnks eveyone


2012-01-21 19:53:07 by sjsyami

i will be posting my art work and try to get scouted soon hopefully thanks everyone

art work update 1/18

2012-01-18 01:59:51 by sjsyami

i will be posting artwork as soon as i get to it so please be patient and check out the drawing i just recently posted! thanks.